video and sculpture installation


Completion Date: 2019
Runtime: 5 minutes 25 seconds
Curator: Maya Frenkel Tene
Fabrication of glass swing: Maagan Feigin and Boris Shpeizman
Documentation: Liat Elbling

Synopsis: The seemingly nude woman in the video “Ballroom” dances alone. Her bare feet are colored a faded blue, she sings a Russian pop song in a cracked voice. In another scene, flashing lights, American arcade machines, and a sparkling evening gown hanging on a coat-hanger fill a ting room. They suggest a yearning for something that was and no longer is, past fame perhaps or an unfulfilled fantasy. The glass swing set in the exhibition space is an unusable object, something from the realm of dreams and fairytales. Like Cinderella’s glass slipper – at midnight it will all vanish into thin air.