Forest of Ornaments


 A Forest of Ornaments
video and sculpture installation


Completion Date: 2021
Runtime: 13 minutes 19 seconds
Curator: 2019 – Constanza Mendoza & Shannon Hebert Waldman
                 2021 – Farah Alakbarli
Sound: Patrick O’Shea
Synopsis: Appropriating popular icons and traditional symbols of more than one culture, this work transfers abstracted identities, converging and diverging, in a constructed material space: a bizarre ornate living room that shelters ambiguous expanse between identity and material—a place that at first glance appears familiar, but which becomes intimately uncanny and alive with intersecting narratives. Initial recreation of a memory that never existed finds melody in the disembodied soundtrack of an aging woman singing a Russian love song, that memory then interrupted by a found accidental recording of the artist’s grandfather’s wife gossiping about her. One narrative is not so much disrupted as propelled into a new a larger narrative, one flickering with narrative gaps that indicate trappings of other larger stories alive with engendered, ideological, and eroticized power relations.