I Set Frank Barcelona on Fire


I Set Frank Barcelona on Fire
video and sculpture installation


Completion Date: 2022
Runtime: 23 minutes 37 seconds
Curator: Ran Kasmy Ilan
Fabrication of glass: Boris Shpeizman
Documentation: Lena Gomon

Synopsis: In the video we meet the female protagonist, a nomad in a stage of in-between, waiting and walking. It is a fantasy composed of different stops and encounters along a journey. In this journey the different stages of a relationship are witnessed as the character looks for something, expecting to find home, only to discover this home is violent and toxic. At the last stage, she encounters two witches who help her to burn the relics of this misadventure. 

“The installation as a whole is an exercise in maintaining balance in the face of the variety of possibilities. For moments we seem to be watching a mystery, then a horror movie, almost a snap, of a feminist revenge story or an amateurish deliberate adaptation of a pharmacy of legends and folk tales. The main character in the film is a kind of Little Red Riding Hood who escaped from a period film with a torn blonde wig on her head. The bad guy will also appear, except that he actually looks like a product from a meeting between Chaplin’s and Fellini’s films. When at the end of the film the three witches appear in the ceremony of burning the clothes and belongings of the abusive man, the devilish surrealism of the filmmakers Kenneth Inger and David Lynch come to mind.” -Gilad Melzer, Haaretz 2022